30 April 2013

Dental Work & Pregnancy

My friend Sara is amazing. She is one of those people that is SO organized all the time. She researches and re-researches everything before trying it and always gets the best deals on the best products.

With her as a friend, I would never have to research anything if I didn't want to.
The best doctor? The best protein shake? The best shampoo?
Call Sara. She knows what it is and where to get it.

That's the type of friend I need in my life, because I'm a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal.

She is also one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met and a few weeks ago, she dropped this book off in my classroom:

If you know Parker and I well then you know we want to have a "honeymoon baby." We were ready to have kids like... yesterday. Baby names are picked out, we've been "practicing" for years, and now we are just waiting until the day we say "I do!" to start trying for a baby Jones.

I have started reading this book and I already have questions! The first being, do I reallllllyyyyyy need to go to the dentist?!? This book tells me that I should get all dental work done before we even start trying because it only gets worse with pregnancy. Is this true?!? More cavities, sensitive teeth and gums? Tell me it isn't true!

I must confess I haven't been to the dentist in over a year, 2 years, OKAY 3 years! The last time I went I was living in Salem and my dentist told me I needed to have some cavities filled and that it looks like I may be in the early stages of gingivitis. 

Naturally, I never went back... and ran away to Vegas where I have yet to sit in a dentist's chair.

I scheduled an appointment for next Monday and I am nervous. Please convince me that I actually need to go this appointment regardless of how painful it may be!


  1. OOOOOH!!! I have never heard of that book! What a fun gift! Happy reading! Hope your teeth don't fall out in the meantime! Get to the dentist!

    Megan :)

    1. I hope they don't fall out too!! Going to the dentist on Monday #iseeabloodbathinmynearfuture

  2. Love that you started a new blog! You are totally right about Sara! Yeah on wedding and babies!!! :) I just posted my post-wedding blog with some pics! Check it out :)
    from Well, Michelle?

    1. I LOVE YOUR WEDDING POST! It was so much fun - thank you for having us!!


  3. He is an excellent dentist! He is very thorough and professional. I love his staff too. Everyone is friendly happy and helpful. Offices like this are all about their patients and doing what they love to do.
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