16 September 2016

5 month update on Calvin

My sweet Calvin! 
Last month, your dada and I left for a few nights and you were a peach for Grammy - she loved spending time with you and you rocked your first overnights.

 It feels like not much has happened this past month. Just the normal every day stuff.
wake up. work. eat. sleep. repeat. 

You DID get to enjoy your first football Sunday with the family and while you were asleep for the Pats game, your lucky baby charm must've worn off on the team, because we won!

Next month, your big bro turns TWO. 

For now, that is all I have.

We can all look back and remember that at your 5 month mark, my brain was mush.

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14 August 2016

Disney World and Calvin Turns 4 Months!

Just last month we were in Disney World sweating our butts off and having the TIME of our lives!

I went down for my annual Teachers Pay Teachers conference and when I heard it was in Disney this year I knew we HAD to go as a family! I was so excited for sweet Theo to see all the characters and go on rides and it was so worth it to pack up both kids and bring them along for the ride.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

Theo was honestly the definition of "the happiest kid on earth" and poor Calvin got his very first cold on the airplane and slept like crap for the first 2 nights making it very difficult to keep my eyes open during my conference. After the first 2 nights he started feeling better, coughing less, and sleeping more, THANK GOODNESS. He was our trooper because, well, he is only 3 months old at Disney... it was 100 degrees... and he had to stay in his stroller for like 85% of the 6 day trip. 

Speaking of that 3 month old....

He is now FOUR months old and has been smiling and giggling all the time!

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11 July 2016

Calvin Robert is Three Months!

Calvin, you are still sweet as pie!

Laid back
Quiet (unless hangry)

Those all still describe you and we are so thankful for that. 

On the whole you are a great sleeper (some nights given us 7-8 hours in a row). Although you will throw us for a loop and be super needy every once in a while. I guess you can have a pass.. since you're still a baby and all ;)

We are going on our first family vacation tomorrow and while I will inside a conference room for half of it, you will be exploring Disney World with your brother, dad, aunt TT, and Grammy! I will be joining in on the fun later in the week.

I have been busy packing over here and planning your dada's 30th birthday which is next month! So here is a little photo dump of your 3 month pictures:

and this is what your big bro has been up to:
pizza face, toy animals, and sand toys indoors.
Sums it up.

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13 June 2016

Calvin turns 2 months old!

You are such a little love who likes to be carted around in someone's arms so you don't miss out on any of the fun. This past month your sleep has been continuing to get better and better. You'll give us a 5.5 hour stretch, drink a quick bottle, and then give us another 4-5 hour stretch. You are cooing up a storm and love when people talk to you. 

You aren't the biggest fan of tummy time and will let out little yelps if we leave you there too long (who wouldn't really?!). If we flip you onto your back you will make all sorts of fun noises at the butterflies in your little activity garden. You are also pretty good at punching the animals that hang above your head.

You already think your big brother is the coolest thing going and smile every time he comes over to you. He loves to run over to wherever you're sitting and yell "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Cal Cal!!!!" with a huge grin on his face. 

This past month you have met your Poppa, congratulated your aunt TT on graduating college, and watched your dada do all sorts of fun outdoor projects! This next month we will be enjoying some playdates with new friends that were just born and just relaxin' during the sweet summer before our trip to Disney!

Here are some photos of you, my love:

Big bro just hadddddd to be a part of the fun ;)

Theo on the left during his 2 month photo shoot! Crazy!
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